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ANTIACNE - What is it or how does it act?
The Green Clay treatment works on two fronts: purifying the skin and reducing inflammation. The products combine Green Clay (has an astringent action and is slightly exfoliating) with Mushroom Extract, which cleans deeply, unblocking pores and reducing sebum production. Finally, the Melaleuca Nanovector, which has bactericidal and drying properties and acts on already formed pimples. Clinical tests show a reduction of pimples and oiliness in 100% of the volunteers after two weeks of treatment. And the use of daily moisturizer also guarantees an immediate matte effect.

ANTI-AGING - What is it or how does it act?
In addition to preventing the signs of time, our Red Clay Anti-Aging treatment is rich in hyaluronic acid and very emollient: it gives you a hydration boost, not leaving your skin oily! The formula also has Senegal Acacia Nanovector and Lychee Extract, which encourage collagen synthesis (which naturally decreases from the age of 25) and have antioxidant action. Clinical tests have shown increased firmness and elasticity in four weeks of treatment and immediate tensor effect.

ANTIPOROSITY - What is it or how does it act?
The Anti-Porosity Violet Clay treatment contracts the enlarged pores, leaving the skin more uniform, without the addition of silicones in the formula! The kit contains Activated Charcoal, which has a detox effect, controls excessive sebum production and cleans residues from inside the pores. It is also enriched with Salvia Quem Nanovector and Clover Flower Extract, which increase skin tone. This combination makes the skin less oily and the pores look more discreet, on time and in the long term - clinical studies show visible results in four weeks of treatment. It is indicated for people with oily or combination skin. The moisturizing fluid still has a blur effect for up to 24 hours after application and can be used as pre-makeup.

REGENERATOR - What is it or how does it act?
The Black Clay treatment is indicated for all skins. It helps to shield the skin from the effects of pollution and other external aggressions, such as blue light or makeup. The kit combines detox action, with the Rosehip Oil Nanovector and Aloe Vera Extract, two actives with healing and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it repairs injuries caused by dryness and peeling, even on sensitized skin - clinical studies show a reduction in irritation after two weeks of treatment. The black clay still fights oxidative stress and stimulates peripheral blood microcirculation and cell renewal - the skin is brighter and looks rested on the spot.

WTITENING - What is it or how does it act?
The whitening White Clay treatment combines Pomegranate Oil Nanovector, Vitamin C and Lemon Whitening Extract (so, with isolated molecules, it does not burn!). It is indicated to clear superficial spots caused by both solar radiation and hormonal stimuli. According to clinical tests, the treatment softens blemishes in four weeks of use. And, as it acts on melasmas, it is indicated for all skin tones. And it has another advantage: the white clay does not stimulate microcirculation, so the products have a calming effect and soothes redness common in more delicate skins.

EXFOLIATING GUM - What is it or how does it act?
In order for the active ingredients of the treatment to penetrate the skin better, we recommend exfoliation as the first step, before the mask. The granules remove waste and also stimulate cell renewal. And our exfolianting is not like the others: QUINTAL does not work with the traditional plastic microspheres that pollute water, but with biocompatible and non-polluting particles of different sizes: white quartz crystals, bamboo and pink clay. The variety of thicknesses guarantees a complete and efficient multilayer exfoliation, without damaging the skin. The Gum is also enriched with Aloe Vera and White Tea, a healing active and another soothing to accelerate post-exfoliation skin regeneration.

DEMAQUILANTE FOAM - What is it or how does it act?
The Rochás Deep Cleaning Foam does not contain alcohol - an irritating agent - or lauryl, so it does not dry out and is indicated for daily use. It replaces traditional soap with a formula rich in natural actives, vegetable surfactants and White Clay, which remove residues from the skin and act to control oiliness. The foam also dispenses with the previous use of makeup remover - cleans up waterproof makeup. The formula is enriched with prebiotic actives that restore the skin's protective layer.

BLEMISH - What is it and how does it act?
Blemish Blur is a multifunctional product, has long-term treatment active ingredients and super effective ingredients to ensure immediate effect, such as oil control. We also include a physical sunscreen, 100% mineral, which causes less skin irritation. The origin of Blemish ingredients is natural, extracted and processed by an ethical and sustainable chain. That is why he was the first dermocosmetic with SPF to receive the Ecocert Cosmos Natural certificate.
Another differential of the product is that it is very complete and brings together benefits of several other items in just one formula: slowaging treatment, protection from solar radiation and visible light, control of sebum production, hydration, primer effect.
Blemish Blur is not a base, so it does not have high coverage. It has an extra light and biomimetic coverage: it adapts to the texture and tone of your skin. In addition to having a velvety touch and primer effect: it can be used as pre-makeup or alone, and will not hide sardines and birthmarks, but camouflages discolorations, pimples and dark circles. And all this with just 1 application, with no need to reapply the product during the day. It will be that natural beauty, treating, moisturizing and protecting your skin!

ENERGIZING MIST - What is it and how does it act?
It is a multifunctional product that acts as a treatment to shield the skin from everyday aggressions, including radiation from RGB screens (Smartphones and computers), with a calming, restorative effect, which balances the skin's natural defenses, strengthening the microbiota . Rich in vitamin C, it fights free radicals and activates natural luminosity from the first application, with an intensified effect during use.

ROCHA SOAP- What is it or how does it act?
The Purifying Rocha Soap has purifying, healing and moisturizing actives that clean the skin without dehydrating. Indicated for daily use it keeps the skin healthy and balanced, preparing for the routine of the day and further enhances the results of your facial skincare treatment.
While the white clay purifies the pores and removes excess oil, the active vitamin P, polyphenols in broccoli and aloe vera act in detoxification and still have antioxidant action. Enriched with vegetable oils and Trehalose, it keeps the skin hydrated for longer and prebiotics reinforce the skin's first protective barrier, replacing the microbiota forming a protective film.

PREGNANT - Can you use the treatments?
Quintal Dermocosmetic products have a formulation with natural actives and are free of parabens, sulfates and other irritating agents, so they are more compatible with the skin than other cosmetics. However, for your safety and tranquility, we recommend that you always consult your doctor about the formulation before using any new cosmetics or dermocosmetics in this very special and delicate period. All of our formulations are available on our website and can be consulted before purchase.

Our masks have several differentials. They are composed of Clays of certified origin + Nanovectors of natural active ingredients, which enhance the treatments. Nanovectors are the technology responsible for taking the active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin (reaching the dermis!) And ensuring that they continue to act for a longer time (about 12 hours). In addition, we have selected the most effective actives to combine with each clay: such as Rosehip (healing) in Regenerating Treatment, and Melaleuca (bactericide) in Antiacne, so the effect is immediate.

The correct way to use it is to apply the mask two to three times a week, and the moisturizer twice a day, morning and night.
Our clay mask is ready to use. You don't need to mix it with water. to do your treatment, follow these two steps:
1st Apply a generous layer of Clay Mask over the entire face, except in the eye area. Add a little patience and wait for the mask to act for 20 min, until dry; Rinse your face with plenty of cold water to remove all the clay.
2nd Dry your face gently and apply the Finishing Hydrating Fluid to close the pores and ensure a dry touch.

Absolutely yes! All Quintal products have in common regenerative properties, controlling excessive oiliness, stimulating blood circulation and activating the skin's natural luminosity. If oiliness is your main nuisance and comes with acne, we strongly recommend the Anti-acne Treatment.

Quintal regulates excessive oil without removing natural hydration and stimulates cell regeneration, which ensures skin elasticity and luminosity. For more sensitive skin we strongly recommend the Regenerating Treatment.

We accept these forms of payment for your order, bank slip and credit card in up to 6 installments (with a minimum installment of R$ 40).

We respect all forms of life so we do not test on animals, nor use any animal raw material in our compositions.

Quintal loves to pamper the dearest customers and friends! That is why now and then we do special actions of samples, promotions and other surprises on our social networks. These actions are punctual and immediate, so keep an eye out to not miss any of them! If you want to try our products before purchase, we recommend that you go to the nearest Sephora, where they are always available for testing.

Quintal is an exclusive brand of the Sephora chain and therefore unavailable for resale at the moment.

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